Working groups


Work on the project has started after the kick-off on November 25th 2011. The work is carried out in three phases: the Atlas phase, the Agenda phase and the Application rules phase and is coordinated by team leader Enrico Moens (Grontmij). Deputy leader Wayne Stone (Grontmij Vietnam) coordinates contact in Vietnam.

Because of his extensive experience regarding adapting climate cities, Pier Vellinga (IVM-VU) fulfils the role of strategic Project Advisor. His main role is assuring that the outcomes of the project fulfil the highest international quality.

Team leader Enrico Moens: “Key issue is Vietnamese Ownership and Netherlands Partnership. This means that the CAS for HCMC is the final result of teamwork. Good social cohesion in this cross cultural project is a prerequisite for success”.

Strategic project advisor Pier Vellinga: “Climate change forces all stakeholders to take a long term perspective with the collective goal to create more value for all parties involved, while spending less money.”

The project is developed according to the Triple-A methodology. As developer of this method, Rik Frenkel focuses on the application of this methodology in the project.

Working on the project is a shared effort by Vietnam and Dutch experts and stakeholders. Most of the elaboration will be done by four Working Groups assisted by the VCAPS-consortium. These Working Groups are: the Institutional Working Group, the Spatial Environmental Working Group, the Infrastructure Working Gorup and the Socio-economic Working Group.

On the pictures from left to right: Mr. Enrico Moens, Mr. Pier Vellinga (Prof. Dr.), Mr. Wayne Stone and Mr. Rik Frenkel.