Urban Solutions

Urban Solutions is a company with Dutch roots and offices in Rotterdam, Hanoi and Hong Kong. We provide advisory services and technical assistance for capacity building and policy formulation in the urban sector in developing countries and transitional economies. The company was founded in November 2003 as a spring-off of the Institute for Housing and Urban Development Studies (IHS) in Rotterdam. We specialise in:

  • Strategic Planning for Climate Change
  • Urban & Regional Planning & Management
  • Institutional Capacity Building & Assessment

We focus on the optimum combination between the hard and soft skills that are required to mobilise multi-disciplinary teams matched to the needs of complex assignments.

Urban Solutions experts have intimate knowledge of the VN institutional and planning context including the latest legislation and regulations. They have an excellent network within ministries and local governments and are experienced in bringing different stakeholders and levels of government together. In addition, Urban Solutions has well documented experience in planning and environmental management in Vietnam and other countries in Asia: a) improving the quality of environmental resources and b) dealing with the effects of environmental hazards on urban landscapes and c) strategic planning for climate change adaptation. We are experienced in various methodologies of integrated participatory planning on different levels: from community upgrading on neighbourhood level infrastructure to investment prioritisation and programmeming for megacities.