Bosch Slabbers

Bosch Slabbers landscape architects specializes in the design of the outside environment in the urban and rural realm, both on local and regional scales. The office has 4 core tasks: Regional planning, Research by design, Executive design of the public space, Urban design. The office consists of 25 enthusiastic and skilled landscape architects, technical support personnel, designers and specific specialists in the field of management and design.

Bosch Slabbers is an office that makes integrated design solutions, taking all elements in our daily life into account: climate, water, soil, ecology, financial, social aspects, aesthetics, durability, usability. The office uses a sober and realistic attitude in combination with a creative, problem-solving approach when facing spatial issues. Bosch Slabbers strives towards simplicity, developing plans with durability in mind.

Every design issue, be it a design of a public square or a design which encompasses an entire region or city, starts with a clear and focussed analysis. An analysis that provides insight in the specifics of the place; its unique qualities, strengths and weaknesses. But also an analysis of the definition of the problem so as to derive the specific issues a spatial design should take into account.

Taking the Analysis into account, a clear and understandable concept is developed; a statement about the spatial significance and meaning of the place and the specific qualities that should be taken into account. Using this statement principal choices and the basic idea can be formulated in consultation with the instructing parties.

Subsequently the concept is developed into an architectural design. The design choices are not just determined by the spatial concept but by also by looking at their management, political and financial aspects. After all, the envisioned design should remain convincing for years to come!