The river side

Project phases

Preparation phase

The preparation phase will be used to launch the project, to discuss the approach between Vietnamese and Dutch counterparts and to constitute the working groups for the project. At the end of the project clear working packages per working group are defined.


In this phase a joint Atlas is produced. Developing an Atlas according to the Triple-A methodology is a process of joint fact finding.

The Atlas compiles information from multiple sources into one document that serves as reference for rational strategic planning. For this purpose the best readily available information from multiple sources will be collected (e.g. Master plan 2025, urban plans, existing adaptation studies for HCMC, reference documents, websites, in-house database of the consultants, etc.).  In the Atlas the collected data will be visualized in thematic maps, tables, diagrams and pictures to facilitate easy assessment of the information.

Adaptation Strategy

In the adaptation strategy phase a common perspective on the goals to be reached is developed. In an interactive process stakeholders develop a set of Strategic Directions and Strategic Interventions. This is done using an adaptive delta management approach. Issues to be solved will be determined, solutions and measures will be identified and measures will be combined. Together with stakeholders long term visions for the development of HCMC will be elaborated. The vision will be translated back into a strategy containing short-term and mid-term interventions.

Action plan

In the final phase, we will define the mechanisms for implementation of the Adaptation Strategy. Together with stakeholders an Action Plan will be defined. This Action Plan streamlines the implementation process and promotes stakeholder participation in planning, investment and implementation.

In compliance with the scope of the project, the Action Plan emphasize cross-sectoral, cross-institutional, and cross-administrative coordination and collaboration. By formulating Action Plan the Climate Adaptation Strategy is complimented with the organisation of the implementation. The project will be completed by organising a Final Conference.