Charrette June

Charrette Long Term Perspectives

Using the information gathered in the ATLAS phase, the next step in the project is the development of the Climate Adaptation Strategy itself. Developing this strategy is done involving stakeholders and using expert knowledge. In several Charrettes these stakeholders together discuss interests, solutions and ambitions. Charrettes are interactive workshops of several days (usually two or three) aimed at finding connections with all stakeholders, between sectoral issues and interests, leading to integrated ambitions and a joint agenda.

The first Charrette focussing on the Climate Adaptation Strategy was held on the June mission. The Charrette focussed on the possible future of Ho Chi Minh City (2050-2100). Developing the Climate Adaptation Strategy we have to take into consideration that this future is uncertain and to a large extent depending on socio-economic developments. To cope with this uncertainty and identify no-regret measures Long Term Perspectives towards 2100 were developed together with stakeholders. The stakeholders group was represented by people from the HCMC project, seven departments, different districts, several knowledge institutes, universities and a water corporation.

The experience of the day was that although many stakeholders did not have experience with working in a creative setting, working in a Charrette setting was a good way to learn from each other and to share knowledge. The participants appreciated the Charrette, and the day resulted in four different drafts of long term perspectives.