Meeting Intergovernmental Committee


28-11-12 Meeting Intergovernmental Committee of the  Strategic Partnership Arrangement

On the 28th of  November the  Intergovernmental Committee of the  Strategic Partnership Arrangement between Vietnam and The Netherlands took place in the Hague. During this meeting the results of the ongoing projects was presented and new initiatives were discusses between both countries. Special attention was paid to the two strategic projects under the SPA, the development  of a Mekong Delta Plan and the development of a Climate Adaptation Strategy for Ho Chi Minh City.

The meeting was presided by Vietnamese deputy prime Minister Hai and Dutch Minister Schultz van Haegen of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment. Vice-Mayor of the city of Rotterdam Alexandra van Huffelen introduced how Rotterdam deals with climate change adaptation and in which way the city is developing a climate adaptation strategy. She invited the Vietnamese delegation to make a roadmap for future cooperation. Enrico Moens, teamleader of the VCAPS consortium presented the adaptation principles of the first version of the climate adaptation strategy for HCMC. These adaptation principles form the base for the strategy and were well received by the delegation.

The meeting was closed by the signing of memorandums of understanding between Vietnam and the Netherlands which will facilitate the cooperation between private and public organizations in the field of delta technology.