Visit minister Ben Knapen

10-10-2012 Dutch minister Ben Knapen visited the HCMC project

On October 9th and 10th the Dutch International cooperation minister Ben Knapen visited Vietnam. Together with part of the VCAPS project team he visited several locations along the Saigon river to see the challenges that Ho Chi Minh City is facing. Amongst the sites visited were the pilot locations used in the project to further develop the Climate Adaptation Strategy.

Minister Knapen was accompanied by high officials from Ho Chi Minh City, including vice-manager Vu Thy Linh of the Climate Change Bureau of the Peoples' Committee. Also joining the visit was a delegation from Bangladesh with minister AK Khandker of planning. Bangladesh is also working on a long term plan on water management and climate adaptation, supported by Dutch experts.

The officials got a picture of the problems the industry and the population in Ho Chi Minh City are already facing today. Clogged waterways, flooded houses, people that build layer upon layer on walls to keep the water out.

Wayne Stone from Grontmij Vietnam presented the project ‘Ho Chi Minh City, Towards the Sea with Climate Change Adaptation’. During a panel discussion the challenges of Climate Change in Ho Chi Minh City were discussed.

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