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Ho Chi Minh City Moving towards the Sea with Climate Change Adaptation

Challenges in the delta

Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam faces many challenges with regard to adapting to a changing climate. This densely populated delta city is already frequently flooded due to heavy rainfall and its low position in the Delta. Problems and risks for the inhabitants are likely to increase due to sea level rise and higher river discharges. At the same time the population and economy of Ho Chi Minh City are growing rapidly. The city is expanding, also towards the sea.

Vietnamese ownership, Dutch partnership

To keep their cities economically prosperous, safe and a pleasant environment to work and live both the city of Rotterdam and Ho Chi Minh City have to make strategic choices regarding city development. As part of the Strategic Partnership Agreement signed by the Dutch and Vietnamese government and Rotterdam, the VCAPS consortium will assist Ho Chi Minh City in developing their Climate Adaptation Strategy to develop the city and harbour towards the sea. Rotterdam shares knowledge and experience developed through the Rotterdam Climate Initiative in this project (see also

Towards a climate proof Ho Chi Minh City

The Climate Adaptation Strategy will be directed at the long-term sustainable socio-economic development of the city. Key issue in the development of this Climate Adaptation Strategy is stakeholder participation. The VCAPS consortium offers process management, advice on key issues and part of the outputs. In addition the project provides possibilities for knowledge transfer and business development. The VCAPS consortium consists of Grontmij (lead partner), Witteveen+Bos, Ecorys, Bosch Slabbers, Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM-VU) and Triple-A.

This project is financed by Partners for Water and is part of the Water Mondiaal Program of the Dutch government.


The Atlas and Adaptation Strategy are now available for download in the products section.